Just for Today, do not Worry.
Just for Today, do not Anger.
Honour your Parents, Teachers, and Elders.
Earn your Living Honestly.
Show Gratitude to everything. Dr. Mikao Usui


I am a Usui and Usui Tibetan Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher. I first came across Reiki back in 1997 when I was at a very low point in my life. I was looking for answers to help myself from feeling depressed. I came across a small shop in my home town of Dudley called 'Seven Stars'. I would go there often to purchase small items like incense and candles; and that was when I first discovered Reiki. I met a lovely gentleman that worked there giving people Reiki healing; and so I booked some Reiki sessions with him. Overtime I found myself feeling happier and content. I found that it was helping me with my feelings of depression, and also with the many physical problems I was encountering at that time.

 It was from then on that I decided that I also wanted to learn this gift for myself. I searched my area for a Reiki Teacher. I came upon a lovely American lady called Joanne Smith.

She had moved to England with her English husband. She was very well known for teaching Reiki from her home, and for her bubbly and happy personality which many people were drawn to. I remember the first time I booked my course with Joanne to do my Reiki stage One. I was up bright and early; ready to learn this amazing new thing. At her door I was met by a smile so large it would warm any cold heart. She invited me in to her home and I sat down next to her ginger cat called James. Joanne was warm and welcoming; she was a beautiful ball of Reiki Energy!

 From that moment in time I and Joanne seemed to have a soul link. We both became very good friends from that day on.
I received all my Reiki attunements for the first stage of Reiki.  Throughout the day I knew that I was very privileged to be learning this great healing art. I was keen and excited to start using it to help people and animals.

 I progressed through the stages of Reiki with Joanne until I had achieved my name as a Reiki Master, Healer and Teacher. I was also very lucky to learn another form of Reiki called ‘Usui Tibetan Reiki’ with the help and support of my dear Friend Joanne.
 I started to use Reiki in my everyday life and for anybody who wanted Reiki, and for any situation in my life that required Reiki energy.

 I worked with the animal kingdom at first doing Reiki at my local stables, helping all the horses that were in need of healing or of an energy boost. It was at these stables my first Reiki healing 'Miracle’ took place. There was an old horse there that belong to the owner called Sunset. She had known Sunset for many years; he was ready to make his transition to the Spirit World but was finding it very hard. He was getting weaker and weaker. The owner adored this horse and didn't want him 'put to sleep’; because the way this is done for a horse is not at all pleasant. She asked me to do all I could for him and to help him with the Reiki make his pass over peaceful and happy.

I went to Sunset about three times. I would spend about an hour filling him with Reiki energy. I knew he was working with me and the energy because he would lean on me and I could feel his spirit thank me.

One morning I had a call from the owner; she told me that Sunset had passed away in his sleep. She found him lay down looking peaceful, just as if he had been sleeping. She thanked me profusely and she gave me an artistic drawing of Sunset which I still have.

About Reiki Healing…

Dr Mikao Usui founded Usui Reiki at the end of the nineteenth century. He was then the Director and Christian Minister at the Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan. While he was reading to his students on the miracles of Christ' healing, Usui was questioned whether his own belief in Christ's ministry meant that he could imitate these miracles. It is said that he became so disturbed by this question; it became his sole mission in life to find the key through which he could replicate these skills.

He recognised the similarities in the life of Buddha and Christ, both of whom were able to heal at touch as well as from a great distance.
He decided to widen his search to include ancient Buddhist texts and finally came upon the Mantras and symbols, which were the code for what is now traditional Usui Reiki.

Usui spent much time in the Buddhist Monastery and after explaining his difficulty to his spiritual Director, was advised to mediate while fasting. This Usui did for twenty -one days on a Mountain in Japan called Koriyama. Just before dawn on the final day a great light appeared and struck him in the middle of his forehead. He said his inner Consciousness was illuminated by what he described as a mass of brightly coloured bubbles. They settled to form the symbols from the Tantra Lotus Sutra; along with the conscious knowledge of how to use this power. He was endowed with the healing force itself .In this way Reiki was passed to Mikao Usui, a man whose diligent search resulted in a miracle for him and many others.

Anyone with enough willingness to accept responsibility for His / Her own health can become a Reiki Healer. The transference of the ability to heal is not dependant on intellectual or Spiritual capacity it is not required that one follows any particular faith. Background or culture has no significance whatsoever. All that is needed is a desire to heal and help.

Reiki is used as a Complementary treatment to other methods. Reiki Practitioners believe that not all medical problems are physical only; some are based in emotional and mental disorders whose source might be difficult to discover.

Many diseases are a result of Spiritual blockages, and the mental, physical and emotional symptoms will continue until the root cause of the disease is confronted.

Reiki allows the healer to become a channel for the energy known as Ki to enter the person being helped. The healer is only a channel and their own personal energy is unaffected by the healing session.

Reiki is passed on by a set of hand positions on the body of the person or the animal receiving the Reiki. The person can be sitting or lying down to receive the treatment. Also Reiki can be sent to a distance without the person being there, the energy can be sent any place in the world by the Healer.

To do this I sometimes use a Photo of that person and send the healing by the photo, or I use what is called a 'Reiki Ball' this is where I channel energy into the palms of my hands creating a Ball of Reiki and I blow it to the person I am thinking of.

The Trantra Lotus Sutra was the Tibetan Buddhist formula for what is known as Reiki. They put down a set of symbols to be included with sound, in the form of Mantras, through which the energy channels might be opened. This enhanced energy flow enabled the body's natural
healing abilities to activate. The Mantra is a rhythmic repetition of a name, and the symbol is its written representative.

The Channels begin to vibrate as a result of this concentration, and the Chakras increase in energy. Chakras are energy centres there are seven of these. A  Reiki session begins at the head over these points.

The highest energy point is the Crown Chakra. Placed approximately where the hair spirals from just behind the topmost point of the head, and it is through here that one receives chi or Ki. Connected to the Pineal gland and the upper brain, its colour is white and it is associated
with spirituality, wisdom and intuition.

Next at the point between the eyes is the Third eye or Brow Chakra, whose physical connections are to the lower brain and pituitary gland. Its colour is indigo and it is associated with Clairvoyance and willpower. It is also the Chakra through which we achieve spiritual awakening as we open up to the greater world.

The Throat Chakra is at the lowest point of the neck and is pale blue in Colour. In this hollow the energy centre for the thyroid and the parathyroid gland, the throat and upper lungs, nestles between the Collar bones and functions as a communication centre in every sense. Higher and lower selves are expressed through this centre, as is our individuality, creativity and our emotional drives.

The Heart Chakra is the energy for the heart, thymus gland and the lower lungs and it is green in colour. It is energy for the circulation of the blood, for the emotions, for love and compassion and spiritual development.

The next energy centre is found in the Solar Plexus, where the energy for liver, stomach, gall bladder, pancreas and solar plexus is situated. From here comes the sense of power and strength. Fear is also seated here. It is the colour of the sun yellow and its influence spreads out in a similar way.

The Sacral Chakra is orange and is the centre for the spleen, kidneys and the Male and Female reproductive organs. It is centre for vital energy, self worth, and desire its place is just below the navel.

Finally we have the Root or Base Chakra found at the lowest point of the body, at the genital area, and is bright red in colour. Here we have the energy for the bladder, adrenals genitals and spine, where all the most basic of instincts like survival and procreation receive their energy.

These are all the Seven Primary energy centres, there are many more Chakras but these are called Minor Chakras.

I have found Reiki to be something I use every day; from giving Reiki to my loved ones and animals, and to sending the energy to Mother Earth who homes us all; to her many plants and trees she provides us with. I have even been known to send Reiki to
the Car when it won’t start on a cold morning and it really does work. Reiki is a natural energy all around us.  It has helped me overcome so many problems in my life and that is why I wish to share it with as many people as I can........