Anywhere I see suffering, this is where I want
to be, doing what I can
Princess Diana

I have many gifts that I was born with; and that I have acquired throughout my life. I know these gifts will help many people and animals on this great planet.

My book ' The Hell of Allegiance' made me realise that I have a duty to use my gifts to help others in need. I want to reach people through my work and my books. I have a natural love and flare of sensitivity that I want to share now with others in my life. We live on a beautiful planet and we all have a duty to help each other the best way we can. We are not on our own in this life; we are all bonded by the Great Universal love and care.

I hope this Website helps you see this, and feel this. I want my website to be a beacon of Universal light to you all.

My Books

A walk on the other side


A young woman's near death experiences

A walk on the other side

The Hell of Allegiance


Book that reveals catalogue of atrocities against me

The hell of Allegiance

Notice: It is our sad duty to inform the friends of Miss Charmaine Mary Nona Maeer, that she passed away on the 12th July 2013. However, we are pleased to inform you that at a later date, more of here work will be published, of which she completed before her death.

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