A Walk on the Other Side

A young woman's Near Death Experiences that prove the continuity of Life after Death

A Walk On The Other SideMy book 'A Walk On The Other Side' is available from Amazon online; Waterstones; WHSmith; Publisher.

Charmaine addresses something that comes to us all, and to all our loved ones, and which we are very ill equipped to handle; death, the end of life, or the passing from one state, which we know, to another, which we cannot know.

A near death experience and the existence and reality of these experiences is well attested and undoubted, is a great and impressive glimpse behind the veil, and into another, truer reality than that of every day. Charmaine has the ability to communicate, and her writing is clear and lucid. She deals sensitively and perceptively with what can be a difficult subject. Behind her veil, is a brighter, vibrant, living truth; from her journey she has brought back much of value, a golden treasure, and she shares this.

Many of us would dearly wish to pierce, however little, the veil that hides us from other worlds, and to see what else is there. This book is one that helps us understand a little more the strange ways of creation.

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The Hell of Allegiance.

My book 'The Hell Of Allegiance’ was a best selling book and is still available directly from myself.

Due to the high demand and request the book 'The Hell of Allegiance' is still available directly from the author, Charmaine Maeer. For a signed copy contact the author on her email address

I decided that this book had reached the people it needed to and so I made the decision to remove it from print and sell the remaining copies directly from my own website...

This book had taken me a lot of courage to write, but I felt that after the suffering I had been through in my life it was time I gave the full account of the life I had lived for ten years, and what goes on behind closed doors in our own country.

My story was covered in the media at length and I was asked by many people to write in full about the horrors I had endured and the reason I had become very ill.

The media can only cover so much so I felt that it was time to talk out about all those memories I had held in my mind for all those years. I had lived a life of pure suffering after coming from the army. I had joined hoping to heal people as a medic and be proud to wear the uniform of my country, but hell and torture changed all that and they nearly took my life from me. I always said that they could take my body and kill it and take my mind and torture it, but they would never take my Soul! That is so true. They forget that we are body last and Spirit first!  No man or machine can take that very core from us.

I hope the book helped many souls that had their lives taken in this way, and helped people to see the evil and wrong that goes on. I help many people now since this experience. I try to be a voice to those who have not been given one. I help to give comfort to those in Prison here and abroad and those on death row. I write to them and try to help them with their problems and emotions as much as I can. I feel that a few words of comfort to those in need and lonely can go a long way, and will show them that someone is listening and does care.

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Alien Animal Series: I have decided to create a series of books for young children, after many years of loving animals myself and finding funny characters within each one of them. These books are beautifully illustrated by an artist working with me and will encourage young children to read and have fun at the same time. Each book is an adventure of its own with its own alien animal character.
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PINK RIBBONS and LIPSTICK (my journey fighting breast cancer)

My Journey fighting Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30. I remember the first time I found the lump in my breast and thinking that it was all related to the recent car accident I had been involved in; where my chest had been crushed. I went to my GP the first time I found the lump and she too thought it was all related to this accident.

As the weeks went on the lump grew larger and so I decided to go back to my GP who referred me to my local Breast care clinic. At the clinic I was seen by a Consultant who after feeling the lump took one look at me and said he was not happy. That same day he sent me for a scan and also a biopsy of the lump. I was then sent home and told that when I next came to the clinic I must bring someone with me. I straight away felt fear and remember going home and finding it hard to go about my daily tasks for fear of what this lump was.

After about two weeks I was asked to go back to the hospital. I remember taking my friend and mum with me for support. I sat in the waiting room at the hospital feeling scared; yet I tried to cover it up by laughing and joking about it all turning out to be nothing, and how I would go home and celebrate and treat myself to a nice meal. That treat and that meal never came! The worst fear I had was coming true. I remember the look on the consultants face as he and the nurse told me it was bad news and that I had Cancer! I felt a sudden coldness wash over me and I felt trapped and scared like someone was holding a gun to my head. I looked in the consultants eyes and wanted to say “You’re wrong” but instead I looked in his eyes and started to cry. I remember him sitting next to me and putting his arm around me and telling me they would do all they could to help me. I wanted to scream at God and shout at him. I wanted to know why I was suffering this when I had already suffered so much in my life. They told me I needed an operation to see how far the cancer had spread and what type of cancer it was. The operation was called a Lumpectomy; this is where they remove the tumour and surrounding tissue and also some of the lymph nodes to test for the possibility of the cancer travelling.

 On my way home I couldn’t stop crying. My friend held my hand tightly and my mum did her best to help me focus and keep strong. As I was leaving the hospital I saw a new born baby being brought out by a young couple and I nearly fell to the floor in tears of pain. I felt that now I had cancer I would never have the chance to live, and be able to have a child. I had long for a baby and now I knew that may never happen.

After the Operation I had to wait awhile for the results. Once they came through I took my mum with me again for support. I sat waiting for the news that would tell me what kind of cancer it was and what treatment I would need. The Consultant sat me down and told me that the tumour they had removed was an aggressive one and was capable of spreading very fast. It was also affecting the surrounding tissue in my breast and one of my lymph nodes was also infected. He told me it was invasive and may have gone to other parts of my body; and that I would need many scans and tests to rule this out. I left the hospital again in tears and unable to cope with what they were telling me. I was going to have to face Chemotherapy, to try and stop this Cancer from spreading any more. I would also need a Mastectomy to remove the breast and the rest of the Lymph nodes; and later reconstructive surgery. I didn’t know what to do; I felt my life was over and that I would die shortly. I thought of the people in the media who I had recently heard of; who died of cancer and with that I went home and started to write letters to all my loved ones in case the cancer took my life from me there and then.

The Chemotherapy not only made me feel less of a woman, but it also made me feel very ill physically. I remember the first treatment; the medicine going into my veins and I was thinking of what it would do to me. I felt so scared and alone; only for my mum being there with me I know for sure I would have gone ‘In Sane’. I knew I would lose my hair so I booked a hairdresser to come to my home, so that I could have my hair cut really short. I had been a typical Leo and loved my long hair! And so when I saw my locks each being cut short, I felt a part of me was already dead. After a few weeks my hair was coming out in handfuls and so I made the decision not to let the cancer decide that for me, and  give myself some control and have it all shaved off myself! And so I booked the same lovely girl to come and shave my head! It felt weird! I felt like I was a convict and ready to serve in a prison, a sentence that I didn’t deserve.

The weeks went by and the chemotherapy made me more and more weak. I was unable to leave the house for weeks at a time, and on some days my own mum had to dress me; as I was too weak and too sick to move. I was also left with more sadness; the tumour had grown again very quickly; it showed how aggressive the disease was. Not just the Chemotherapy was making me ill but I also had to face finding out who was meant to stay in my life and who was meant to leave. I lost a close relationship while going through my treatment and many close friends who found me ‘too boring’ to be around.

At this stage in my life there was a darkness that fell around me and I nearly gave up the hope of ever feeling the Charmaine I once was. I was bald and scared and my skin was too sore to even apply makeup. I would walk out the house looking like a fragile old woman. I had to try and cope with the way the medication made me look and feel. I felt so alone and the tears that fell from my eyes were tears full of pain. I was sure they would never stop. I knew that I had hit my worst low.

It was a normal day and I was due to visit the hospital and find out if all my test results were clear. I went again with my mum. We both sat waiting for the Consultant. I was so scared. Just  before the consultant came in I turned to my mum and said “Mum I love you, and if they tell me this cancer has spread anywhere else I will do my best to make every day the best I can for you and me“. She turned to me with tears in her eyes. We then both heard someone whistling a song that my gran used to love to play when she was not feeling very well. I looked at my mum and we were both thinking the same thing. We both knew that my gran was with me and telling me that all was going to be ok. This song was a very old one, so there was no way it would be the typical song that someone would whistle. Before the consultant walked in the room we both knew the tests would all be clear; and we were right! So far the cancer had not spread to any other part of the body and so I had a chance of beating this disease. Also the new lump that I had developed was nearly all gone and so it showed the Chemotherapy was working.

I picked myself up and decided that while I was receiving this treatment and fighting this disease I would help others that were also suffering. I see life so differently now and I have turned my fear in to a strength. I feel that I have gained Courage Confidence and Strength from facing the Cancer and the fear in the face. This is where my inspiration for the book ‘Pink Ribbons and Lipstick’ comes from.

All funds made from this book will go to cancer charities…