Anywhere I see suffering, this is where I want
to be, doing what I can
Princess Diana

About Me

I was born a natural Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant. I have the ability to hear and see spirit (Clairaudient and Clairsentient). I am also a natural born healer. This was passed on to me by my mother and my grandmother; both well known and respected Mediums. Both of them would travel all over the UK,  to different Spiritualist Churches to demonstrate  their gifts to people, and to show that there was ‘Life after Death’; proving this to those who longed to make contact with their loved ones who had passed on to the world of spirit. My mother and grandmother were also asked by the police on a number of occasions to help solve murder cases and crimes, with the help of Spirit, that the police themselves found hard to solve.

My mother would go with my grandmother to the Police headquarters and talk with the main Police Officers on the case. They would communicate with spirit to see what information they could pass on from the spirit world that would help the case. I do know that one of the cases involved the murder of a young child and both my mother and grandmother helped solve this case and were featured in their local newspapers. There were also cases from Scotland and Ireland where there had been a number of murders. Some like 'Jack the Ripper’ cases no one could solve. The police officers would travel to see my mother and grandmother and ask for their help with Spirit obtaining some information that would help with the mystery behind the case.

After each case my mother and grandmother would do what is called a 'Spirit Rescue' and help souls that were victims in the crime, move on to the Spirit World after their trauma. They would both   be offered an award for helping with the case, but they both said it should go to charity; even though they were not very 'well off' and would have needed the money. My mother and grandmother were such caring and loving people and everyone that needed help would come to them and chat with them about their problems.  Everyone was their friend because of the warmth and care that they portrayed to people. My grandmother was a Chef in the British Army and the Royal Air Force.  This is where she found her husband who was an Officer in the Army. The story behind their meeting is very funny and amusing and sums up the kind of character my grandmother was. She met him in the kitchens, where she was a cook for the Army. She was about to lock up the kitchen and go home when a man appeared and stood over her. He said he would like a bacon sandwich. The kitchen was ready to close and my grandmother was ready to go home. She told him she wouldn't cook him one; but he wouldn't take no! for an answer and said that one of his men would collect it once it was done! My grandmother was a lady of fire (much like me) and so she decided to teach him a lesson he would not forget. She took the old bacon rinds of that day that were in the bins, and she made him a Sandwich with this.

One of his men came to collect the sandwich as my grandmother smiled and told him to tell him to enjoy it! Well I guess when he got the sandwich he wasn't too pleased and was shocked, but he must have seen a good woman in this and found it very amusing as he fell in love with this lady of character. The next day he went and asked her to go on a date with him. At first she was stern and refused but after a while she must have taken the offer up, and soon they were married.

My grandmother would travel around the Country with him and the children they parented, to places he was next stationed to in the army.

My grandmother at that time didn't dare  say she was psychic and that she could see and hear spirits; because her husband and his family were strong Catholics and she had to hide the fact that she could sense all these things. She didn't hide it completely, because all the women and children at the various places she stayed would come to her for advice on their illnesses and their children's mystery health problems. My grandmother would look at each person and lay her hands over them and tell them what it was she was sensing  with them and how best to treat it. This seemed normal amongst the women, and after a while word spread and more would come and seek her advice and word on what to do. I guess in some ways she was the ‘Village Medicine’ woman; she held the secrets of what to do for your health and secrets that not even a Doctor in those days would know. My grandmother decided to talk about these gifts more after a terrible thing happened in her life. While she was in one of the many army locations with her husband; she was hit by the death of her first son John. He was a five year old boy out playing, when he ran under a car belonging to one of the Officers in the army. He had severe brain damage, and after a month of nursing him, my grandmother lost him to the Spirit world.

My grandmother was ‘broken’ by this. She was very close to this little boy. She felt she couldn't go on. She was at a very low point in her life, when one night she saw her son John appear to her by the bed and utter the words, “I am ok mummy and I love you”. She knew that her baby boy was safe and well. She knew that there truly was life after death. She knew she must get on with her life until the time came for her to join him. It was from that day on that she started to talk about her gifts openly, and tell people that there was life after death and that we all live on. She was met with some strange looks at this revelation, but others wanted to know more and came to question her. Her husband didn't care much about what she was saying. I guess he just put it down to 'Women’s talk'.  From that day she knew she had to spread the word about the spirit world.

My mother would often take me as a child to the Spiritualist Churches where she did her work.  I always remember her standing on the 'platform' in the church, giving people messages of joy from the Spirit World. I would see people jump out of their seats and gasp as they were given information that only they could know. I felt so proud of my mother doing this. I also wanted to be just like this.

I remember having a psychic ability and seeing, hearing and sensing spirit on many occasions while I was growing up. It was nothing unusual for me at even a very young age to be telling my mother what I could see and what the 'Spirit people' as I called them, were saying to me. On one occasion I turned around to my mother or grandmother, and said that I had seen a lady holding out her hands to me. I would describe this lady and see the look on my grandmother’s face as she told me that the lady I spoke of was her mother. There was no way of me knowing this because she had died when my grandmother was just a little girl herself. I never felt anything strange with this. It seemed natural to me; I thought all children must see the same things as I was seeing and that there was nothing different about me. I guess because all my family were spiritually minded, they would never show any shock about what I heard and saw. It was normal to speak of these things. I also felt that I was a natural healer. I would often feel warmth in my hands that came on when I was around people who were sick. I was often drawn to a family member, and would rest my tiny hand on their head and tell them that I could make them well. I did this on one occasion while I was out with my mother. I went over to a lady in the street when I was about six. I felt this urge to touch her and give her this healing feeling from my hands. I did exactly this to the shock of my mother. I went to the lady and said, “I can heal you”.  My mother pulled me back and apologised to the lady. The lady started to cry and told my mother that she had just found out that she had cancer. She was feeling very lonely and scared. She felt that this small kindness I had shown to her would remain with her. She said she had just been praying for an answer from God to tell her he was by her side. She felt I had just given it to her. So my healing work as a child was then encouraged and my mother taught me that I must ask to help people before I jumped in; In case they didn't feel the same way as I did.

My mother and grandmother were very close and always did their spiritual work together. This is the same as me and my mother now.  We both work together for spirit. I have often worked with her at Spiritualist Churches when she has taken a service there. I help her take the service and give messages of comfort from spirit to their loved ones.  I have also done what is called a ‘Psychic Supper'. This is where people can go to a Spiritualist Church and have an evening meal and a message from Spirit. I go to a table with people sitting, and see what I can tell them from the Spirit World.  I and my mother are always working together and we find that we make a good team and enhance each others gifts.